Fundamentals of Karl Fischer Titration

A comprehensive course that leads attendees through basics, practical applications, operation and maintenance of Karl Fischer titration systems and electrodes.

Who should attend?

New titration users, those new to Metrohm, those who want to grow their skills.  No previous experience required.



What knowledge will you leave with?  

Fundamental understanding of Karl Fischer titration, ability to operate the system, ability to troubleshoot issues and maintain systems.

Price: $2,250 USD/ $2,950 CAD


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Day 1: Introduction, setup, and basic operation


  • Karl Fischer titration:  The basics of Karl Fischer titration; instrumentation overview
  • Volumetric vs. coulometric:  The differences  between volumetric and coulometric KF; scenario exercises on when to use each
  • Best practices for KF titrations:  Tips and tricks to get the most out of your KF systems
  • Introduction to Touch Control:  Overview of titrator operation through the Touch Control platform; hands-on exercises including system setup, running samples with volumetric and coulometric KF
  • Introduction to tiamo: Overview of titrator operation through tiamo software; hands-on exercises including system setup, running samples with volumetric and coulometric KF.
Day 2: Optimization of methods


  • Titration parameters:  Overview of titration parameters and their usage; hands-on exercises in Touch Control and tiamo
  • Reagents and co-solvents:  Best practices and real-world exercises on reagent care and usage, selection of appropriate co-solvents
  • Sample handling techniques: Learn how to improve precision and accuracy with sample handling
  • Method development: Key steps in titration method and program development
  • Hands-on workshops: In method development and operation
Day 3: Maintenance and Troubleshooting (1/2 day)


  • Electrode and instrument maintenance: Best practices for electrode and instrument care with hands-on practice
  • Troubleshooting: Basic troubleshooting, tips and tricks