Thermometric Titration

Description: This course is an introduction to the technique of thermometric titration. The main purpose is to describe the basics of the technique as well as the range of suitable applications. Theoretical aspects and parameters will be presented. Example experiments will be conducted to introduce the range of thermometric applications.

Who should attend?

New or existing users of thermometric titration; those who want to expand their knowledge of uses and applications for the technique.



What knowledge will you leave with?  

A fundamental understanding of thermometric titration analysis, how it can replace key potentiometric titration applications, and best practices for its usage.

Price: $2,700 USD/ $3,550 CAD

Day 1: Intro, Setup and Basic Operation
  • Thermometric titration basics
  • Best practices
  • Introduction to tiamo software
Day 2: Method Optimization
  • Titration parameters
  • Method development
  • Hands-on workshops in method development and operation
Day 3: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Solving common challenges with thermometric titrations
  • Troubleshooting