Titration Method Development

Become the titration expert in your lab! Attend this course to learn the key steps and strategies for titration method development. Practice these steps on example applications and systems in the laboratory setting. Learn how to choose tests to optimize accuracy, reproducibility, sensitivity, selectivity and ruggedness. This course is for anyone with prior knowledge of titration instrumentation who wants to deepen their knowledge in method development.

Who should attend?

Method developers, lab managers or supervisors.


6+ months hands-on experience with Metrohm systems and software, previous completion of Fundamentals of Karl Fischer or Potentiometric Titration, or Titration Boot Camp.

What knowledge will you leave with?

Best practices and hands-on experience conducting method development on Metrohm titration systems.

Price: $2,700 USD/ $3,550 CAD

Day 1: Titration Theory and System Setup
  • Titration recap
  • Metrohm Application Knowledgebase
  • Selected titration application discussion
  • Best practices in titration
  • tiamo programming
  • Hands-on application tests
Day 2: Method Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Evaluation of data
  • Troubleshooting of experienced issues
  • Optimized methodology/titration parameters
  • Test improvements
Day 3: Productivity, Efficiency Improvement and Data Review
  • Evaluation of improvements
  • Data presentation
  • System maintenance and electrode care